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New Orleans Saints 7-Round Mock Draft 3.0

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Final thoughts

I did not draft a cornerback because I think the Saints are actually pretty good at cornerback. Brian Dixon has the press ability to be solid at the nickel position with Browner and Lewis on the edge.

I think trading up in this draft for a pass rusher could be a big mistake. The Saints need to hit on a solid receiver and an edge rusher in this draft. I think drafting Shelton at 13th overall makes up for the lack of an elite talented edge rusher and helps the defense overall.

I don’t think Jaelen Strong will last to the second round and I think Breshard Perriman runs better routes than Strong anyway.

Moving David Hawthorne to inside linebacker is a good move as he wasn’t good in coverage last year but it only increases the likelihood that the Saints really try to get one of the top edge rushers early in the draft.