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The case for Tim Lelito as the next New Orleans Saints guard

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We’ll kick off the Falcons game with a run by Pierre Thomas.

Off the snap, de la Puente gets a chip from Lelito on his defender.

Lelito engages the linebacker, and de la Puente continues to isolate his man.

Lelito continues to stay engaged with his man, as Thomas heads through the middle.

Surprise, surprise. Here’s a Jimmy Graham touchdown.

Lelito and Strief handle their respective blockers.

The pocket is perfect for Brees to check his options, and Lelito doesn’t require assistance from de la Puente.

Here’s the same play, but from the end zone camera.

Here’s another Pierre Thomas screen play.

Again, Lelito engages, and peels off to help Thomas downfield. This time giving a cutback block.

Here’s another brilliant run by Thomas. 

As the play unfolds, Lelito assists de la Puente with the interior lineman.

This enables de la Puente to engage the linebacker at the second level.

With Lelito and Strief opening the hole up, Thomas has an easy choice to make.

Tim Lelito figures to be a large part of the New Orleans Saints offense in 2015, and much like players in the past, it’s going to be his job to lose. Expect Lelito to get plenty of competition from Senio Kelemete, who filled in on the first team offense for Ben Grubbs last year during training camp.

However, I feel good about Lelito’s chances to start next to Terron Armstead when the season kicks off. Maybe now you will too.

Do you feel confident in Tim Lelito heading into 2015, or do you feel that the draft is the best way to approach the void left by Ben Grubbs? Sound off below!

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