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The case for Tim Lelito as the next New Orleans Saints guard

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The first play we’ll look at is a Darren Sproles scamper for a big gain. You’ll notice the formation calls for Sproles as the lone back.

Lelito is able to handle his block while Zach Strief pulls, and Brian de la Puente meets the linebacker.

Lelito does enough to get Sproles into the second level, and gets the Saints a big first down.

This play should look familiar, as Drew Brees finds Jimmy Graham for six. Lelito is towards the bottom right.

This is the type of pass protection that makes Brees lethal. The pocket is comfortable, and Brees instantly knows where he wants the ball to go.

You’ll notice that Lelito is up near the line of scrimmage, holding his blocker in check.

Brees finds Jimmy Graham again, and once again, the pocket protection is going to be there. Lelito is towards the top of the line.

After the snap, you’ll notice that Lelito contains his defender with ease.

With a heavy blitz coming from the left side, Lelito is holding his own on the interior.

Even after the pressure, when Brees releases the ball, Lelito’s blocking is perfect.

Here we’ll see some speed and the ability to get down field. The Saints call for a Pierre Thomas screen.

Lelito starts to head up field while de la Puente and others are engaged.

By the time Thomas makes his move, you can see the convoy forming, with Lelito in front.

Thomas does what he does best, making people miss, and Lelito is ready for any Cardinals that dare get in his way.

Thomas continues to run downfield, and Lelito takes the head man.

Here’s one of my favorites. Brees is about to take a huge hit of a big blitz, but connects with Jimmy Graham for six.

Lelito doesn’t neglect his blocker, engaging him, and is able to chip the blitzer in the process.

Lelito peels off to handle the blitzer, and Brees gets rid of the ball quickly.

Lastly, here’s Khiry Robinson in as the closer.

Lelito engages Darnell Dockett, while Jed Collins meets the linebacker.

Lelito pushes Dockett to the outside, and the end result is a giant hole for Khiry Robinson.

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