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New Orleans Saints picks set for the NFL Draft


Let the Mock Draft madness commence now that the NFL Draft order has been officially set in stone. Unfortunately, the New Orleans Saints were not awarded any of the league’s 32 compensatory draft picks handed out at the annual NFL owners meetings.

A compensatory pick is awarded based on a team’s additions or subtractions in free agency. The picks itself can’t be traded, and there’s a formula that tabulates the actual point where the picks go. All picks awarded start as early as the third round.

Here’s the final outlook for the black and gold at the draft:

2015 Draft Picks (Reflects Compensatory)

1st Round – 13th Overall
1st Round – 31st Overall (acquired from Seattle)
2nd Round – 44th Overall
3rd Round – 75th Overall
3rd Round – 78th Overall (acquired from Miami)
4th Round – 109th Overall (traded to Seattle)
5th Round – 148th Overall
5th Round – 154th Overall (acquired from Kansas City)
6th Round – 186th Overall
7th Round – 230th Overall

The compensatory picks affected the New Orleans Saints draft picks on Day 3, knocking them back several positions in each round. New Orleans originally held the 140th, 146th, 171st, and 205th overall selections in each respective round.

The Saints have not had a compensatory draft pick awarded since 2011, and have had the second least amount of picks awarded since 1994 (10). The Cleveland Browns lead that category with only six.

New England, Kansas City, and Denver were each awarded four picks, which was the most among all teams. Only 14 teams received the compensatory selections. The Patriots were awarded the highest choice with the 97th overall selection.

The Saints still figure to be in a prime position to draft well given the fact that they possess nine total picks when things get kicked off on April 30 in Chicago. It’s going to be a long month of fun as we attempt to anticipate what head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis have up their sleeve.

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