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Saints Can Draft WRs, Colston 2.0 outside of 1st Round

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Darren Waller, Georgia Tech

Everything about Darren Waller screams “sleeper pick”. At 6’6, 238 lbs, its impossible to defend the back shoulder throw against him.

He is deceptively fast for his height and size (he ran the slowest looking 4.46 at the NFL combine) but has great body control to get both of his feet in-bounds on most catches.

He has no fear going across the middle and extends his arms to catch the ball with his reliable hands. He has a competitive nature and showed off great effort in blocking on running plays.

Georgia Tech runs a heavy run-based wishbone offense, so he only ran a handful of routes at the college-level. He didn’t have a lot of production because the offense barely fed him. He is a raw route runner and needs technique work before he can become a touchdown-machine.

If the Saints draft him, he needs to be attached to the hip of Marques Colston. He has the ability to become a very similar receiver and possibly even a Colston 2.0, but he needs good coaching.

He is expected to be drafted in either the fourth or fifth round of the draft. Here are some comparisons to give you an idea of how much of a steal this guy would be.