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Remembering Jimmy Graham: Memorable moments with the New Orleans Saints

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No, Graham isn’t dead, but his playing days with the New Orleans Saints are over.

Jimmy Graham is arguably the best tight end to ever put on a Saints uniform, and what’s done is done. The team felt the need to move on from him, and that’s the way this league works. It’s a business.

You’ll miss the days when Jimmy Graham stiff arms Robert Blanton to the ground. You’ll miss the traditional flexing of his muscles after converting a first down. You’ll miss seeing his Instagram photos of him flying his plane over wherever the road takes him. You’ll miss seeing him in black and gold.

Remember Jimmy Graham for his greatness and ability to take over. Remember Jimmy Graham for his ability to ‘tough it out’ and compete. Remember Jimmy Graham for what he brought to the city of New Orleans.

Happy Trails, Jimmy! Thanks for so many memories over the years, and we wish you well!

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