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New Orleans Saints salary cap: Show me the money!

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Let’s first start with how easy it is for the Saints to get under the cap. By my count, the team currently has $31.95 million tied up in player roster bonuses between eight players. In descending order, here’s the breakdown:

Junior Galette – $12.5 million, Jairus Byrd – $6 million, Jimmy Graham – $5 million, Curtis Lofton – $4.5 million, David Hawthorne – $2.5 million, Keenan Lewis – $700K, Jahri Evans – $500K, Ben Watson – $250K

By moving these roster bonuses to signing bonuses, it could easily put the Saints in a better situation. Roster bonuses are conditional, meaning that a player is paid this assuming he’s on the active roster at a specific date. A signing bonus is an incentive as guaranteed money.

Now, there’s no given that the Saints will move all $31.95 million in roster bonuses to signing bonuses. However, between their big bonus recipients, it is realistically possible.

Next, let’s visit the Top Drainers of the Saints 2015 salary cap at this present point in time.

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Now, to suggest that the teams would even consider flirting with the idea of releasing the likes of Drew Brees, Curtis Lofton, Jimmy Graham, or Jairus Byrd seems silly. Monetarily speaking, the team would also not gain anything by releasing Junior Galette. That bonus is already going to Galette regardless of what ultimately happens.

As for the other players, the big question lies in whether the team would be satisfied by converting the roster bonuses to signing bonuses. By doing so (assuming they converted them all), it would put them under the cap with only a tiny bit of wiggle room. There wouldn’t be much opportunity to go after anyone in free agency.