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New Orleans Saints Pre-Combine 7-Round NFL Mock Draft

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The 2015 NFL combine is only a couple of days away and most of the country will be getting their first look at the 2015 NFL draft class. The NFL combine has been a huge event because analysts and fans often come away with a different impression of prospects.

Based on their performances draft boards will shift for all 32 teams. So I decided to do a quick mock draft before the NFL combine just to give you an idea of how the New Orleans Saints might be picking with the rankings the way they are right now.

Let me stress again that this mock draft is very early and the picks will likely change as we get a better idea of what kind of players these are going forward. Since the Saints have several holes these picks will reflect attempts to fill them.

Special thanks to the guys over for the videos in this article and the guys at for the free mock draft simulator on their website that I used to construct this mock draft. I suggest you check out both sites if you have never used them before. I will be using Fanspeak’s rankings for this 

New Orleans Saints Pre-Combine 7-Round Mock Draft