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NFL 7-Round Mock Draft 2015: The New Orleans Saints Select…


I did my best to resist all humanly possible temptation to produce an NFL Mock Draft, but I gave in. While it’s still way too early to decipher who the New Orleans Saints will pursue in the 2015 NFL Draft, we can always speculate. Why is it too early? For starters, we haven’t gone through free agency. As we witnessed last year, there’s little to no guarantee that some of the players that suited up in black and gold will be back in 2015.

Arguably, the most pressing needs for the Saints at this point in time figure to be linebacker, cornerback, and the offensive line. Using FanSpeak’s stellar mock draft simulator, I pieced together a 7-Round mock draft for the black and gold. Overall, I’d consider this entire draft a win.

I’d be completely satisfied with the results of this particular draft for the New Orleans Saints. I feel that many other fans would be too. On the surface, this would address a laundry list of offseason needs the Saints desperately need. There are some true needs met, coupled with some risk-taking.

Of course, we had an overall ‘good’ feeling about the Saints 2014 draft class, and that turned out to be a major bust. We can only hope that the 2015 draft class makes us all forget about some of the failed projects from last season. The addition of Jeff Ireland as the team’s college scout should help the black and gold select the right players to help them compete as contenders.

You can check out the entire draft simulation here.

Final Grade: B-

Do you agree with these picks? What stood out as the best and worst? How do you see the New Orleans Saints draft playing out?

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