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Saints TE Jimmy Graham Will Dodge Offseason Shoulder Surgery


New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham says he will ovoid undergoing shoulder surgery this offseason.  He used the Pro Bowl as the indicator to determine whether or not the procedure would be necessary — he reeled in two touchdowns for Team Irvin Sunday night, leading the squad to victory over Team Carter.

Graham suffered the setback in Week 5 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but stuck with it and played through the entirety of the season.  However, coming off a Week 6 bye, he was limited to just 30 snaps against the Detroit Lions.

“I’ve been doing rehab and I’m going to start back on my rehab Monday and really there’s going to be no surgery,” Jimmy told SiriusXM radio.  “I’m just going to do rehab, strengthen the area.  That’s what’s best — not having to take six months off and and try to heal up with a surgery, but now have those six months to work on all things and hopefully get to a place like (the Super Bowl) next year.”

Not as effective as in the past, Graham admitted the pain that came along with the injury was ‘a battle every game.’  He still finished his 2014 campaign with 85 receptions for 889 yards and ten touchdowns.

“It was something that really needed some rest and unfortunately it wasn’t able to get that during the season,” Graham said.  “It happened early and then you have about ten-straight weeks of trying to make it to the game.  Now after having about three or four weeks and last week kind of testing it at the Pro Bowl, it feels great.”

Graham is a crucial piece to the Saints offense, and while often displaying softness at times throughout the season, it will be pleasing to see him back on the field at full health in 2015.