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Sean Payton shows his frustration in postgame presser


Sean Payton was upset after yesterday’s 24-23 loss to the Detroit Lions. He was very upset. And if you have a journalist asking the “wrong” question in the postgame presser when Payton is frustrated, you know what’s gonna happen.

He just gave a bitter comment about the officiating crew

"“I thought the penalties ended up hurting us. I wasn’t happy with how that game was officiated, I’ll leave it at that…”"

and then this happened:

[Sean Payton’s death stare in full effect]

The reporter’s question was about Brees’ interception and how the situation was managed. Sean Payton gives a brief answer and then goes “Next question…next SMART question…“. After a few seconds he goes back to give a more satisfying answer but the reporter keeps talking and Payton gets irritated.

Check out the video (click HERE) at the 2:00 mark.

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