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Who Will Be In Dat Number for The New Orleans Saints Wide Receivers?


The New Orleans Saints have been known to keep between five and six receivers on the roster. So, who will be on this year’s New Orleans Saints wide receivers given the players presently in training camp?

Historically, the Saints have retained the services of wily veterans such as Marques Colston and Robert Meachem. With the advent of the loss of Lance Moore, we can be certain the Saints will have Kenny Stills on the opening day roster. Given the 2012 stellar year of Joseph Morgan and his incredible blocking skills as well as speed, I would expect Joe Morgan to also be on the roster. Brandin Cooks as the number one draft choice will surely see his playing time this year, so count him in dat number as well.

The bubble players this year are Nick Toon and Andy Tanner. Nick Toon was promoted to the active roster and saw a lot of action in the Jets game when Marques Colston was out. There were three balls that came his way which can typify his career so far. One was a pass he had to lay out for but could not haul in; another was a bizarrely tipped ball that wound up in the hands of a nearby defender; and one was a beautiful catch in traffic in a critical juncture in the game. He also had a great catch in the Bears game.  I believe with sufficient repetition and gaining confidence and rhythm, Toon could develop into a great player especially with a quarterback such as Drew Brees. As for Andy Tanner, he has not seen much action although he has been on the roster and on the practice squad for years. I do not believe Andy Tanner will make the team.

As for the other rookies, I believe Brandon Coleman and Seantavius Jones could easily make the practice squad while they are developed for the upcoming years.