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Considerable NFL Rule Changes Because of Players

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The Terrell Owens Rule

Back Story: Getcha popcorn ready!”was a phrase coined by Terrell Owens. It just meant that there was about to be a show. Owens scored many touchdowns over his career, but in 2002, there were two that stood out, and will always be etched in archives of the NFL History. After a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football, Owens would pull a Sharpie from his sock, and proceed to sign the ball to give to his financial advisor. Owens would be less $20K. The second controversial touchdown celebration occurred after a score against the Green Bay Packers, in which Owens would borrow pom-poms from a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader, and proceed to do his thing.

The Rule: Though players were already unable to use ‘foreign objects’ as part of a touchdown celebration, this rule prohibited players from carrying ‘foreign objects’ as part of their uniform.