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Considerable NFL Rule Changes Because of Players

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Photo Credit: Tim Richter

The Bill Belichick Rule

Back Story: Commonly known as ‘Spy Gate’ today, this was a doozy from 2007. Courtesy of their sideline, the New England Patriots videotaped the New York Jets defensive coaches’ signals in the September 9th meeting between the two teams.

After investigation, the league handed down a $500K fine to Coach Belichick, fined the Patriots $250K, and took away their first round pick of the 2008 NFL Draft. To make a long story short, the rule was ‘misinterpreted’, a lot of people were involved, the league’s image was tarnished, and six tapes were destroyed.

The Rule: After repeated attempts in years past, the league passed a rule in 2008 that allowed two defensive players (one primary/one backup) to have a radio device in their helmet similar to what the quarterbacks had received in 1994.