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Considerable NFL Rule Changes Because of Players

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The Tony Romo Rule

Back Story: Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up about all these rules being named after Dallas Cowboys. That’s just how it has been. I think everyone in the sports world is familiar with what happened to the Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks in 2007. The Cowboys were poised to beat the Seahawks in the Wild Card Round, and all that was needed was a 19-yard Martin Gramatica field goal in the closing seconds. The snap was bobbled by Romo, and the field goal would never happen. A ‘shiny ball’ was blamed in the process as Seattle was accused of ‘tampering’ with the ball.

The Rule: The NFL abandoned switching out new balls after every kicking play, so they now use a numbered system from 1-12. These are known as the ‘K’ balls, and the #1 ball is used on the opening kickoff  and every kicking play that the ball is available. Once the ball is deemed ‘no longer available’, they’ll rotate to the next K ball.