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NFL1000 Cornerback Rankings: Keenan Lewis Worth Every Penny

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Jabari Greer, #55 (69/100)

Credit: Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports


"Jabari Greer (5’11”, 180 lbs, 10 seasons) is a physical corner who can disrupt receivers at the line of scrimmage. He is at his best in the short-to-intermediate range, where his lack of elite speed isn’t as noticeable, and he can use his strength to take receivers off course. While he likes to play physical, he doesn’t have the size to be a major factor against the run. He will sometimes struggle bringing down bigger wide receivers once they catch the ball. At this stage in his career, Greer can be a liability on the outside and should be strictly a slot corner in nickel or dime formations."

Greer was recently cut by the Saints but if nobody sign him during the offseason there’s a slight chance he’ll be back in New Orleans. The Saints need a veteran for the secondary who can help the young guys, even if he won’t see the field much. Greer has always been a great locker room guy and the Saints could sign him (or Champ Bailey) with that specific purpose. Only if his knee is fine, of course.