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March Madness: New Orleans Saints Style (Sweet 16)

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#7 – Brees Past Johnny vs. #2 – River City Relay

How They Got Here: Brees Past Johnny beat up on Bush: Vikes Slayer 81-19%. River City Relay almost became the biggest upset of the tournament, but was able to pull off a victory over 4th and Doh! 51-49% – by two votes.

Making the Case: Drew Brees breaking another record in front of a nationally televised audience never gets old. The touchdown went into the hands of wide receiver Devery Henderson, which I find is extremely fitting considering what Henderson went through during his career with the Saints.

I know the River City Relay doesn’t get as much love because of what happened after. Thanks John Carney. However, try putting some Benny Hill theme music on, and then watch the play again. It was just unbelievable.