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March Madness: New Orleans Saints Style (Sweet 16)

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#6 – Onside Surprise! vs. #3 – Hakim Drops Ball!

How They Got Here: Onside Surprise beat the drawers off Dial’em Horn 94-6%, while Hakim Drops the Ball had to use overtime to beat McCray Pops Warner 51-49%. That matchup was decided by a single vote.

Making the Case: Generally speaking, an onside kick is successful less than 25% of the time. Only a madman genius would think about using the element of surprise to open the second half of the Super Bowl.

You have to remember that the St. Louis Rams were threatening to come back and spoil everything for the Saints in the Superdome. Many people forget that the Rams were the defending Super Bowl Champions. They would go to the Super Bowl the following season, but for the Saints to play spoilers, who doesn’t love that?