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March Madness: New Orleans Saints Style (Sweet 16)

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#10 – Graham Hurts Post vs. #2 – Porter Picks Favre

How They Got Here: Graham Hurts Post whipped up on higher seeded Jets Get Sharpered 62-38%. Porter Picks Favre didn’t blow out You’ve Been Turley’d, but still won with ease 72-28%. 

Making the Case: With the recent news of the NFL penalizing players for ‘slam dunking’ on the goal post afterwards, it makes you appreciate the play even more. Yes, it sucks, and the logic behind it that the NFL gives fabricates is beyond ridiculous. On another hand, you have to appreciate that because of Jimmy Graham, this is a rule now. How many players have had penalties because of things like that in NFL History? About thirty.

When Tracy Porter hangs it up, he deserves to be in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame. He was only in his second season with the team, and in his first season as a rookie, he played in only five games. Who would have thought the 5’11” corner would be the ‘hero’ in both games?