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March Madness: New Orleans Saints Style (Sweet 16)

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#6 – Hartley to the Super Bowl vs. #3 – Gilliam’s Kick Start

How They Got Here: Like Porter Pick Six, Hartley to the Super Bowl ran away with their opening matchup against Fly Reggie! Fly! 91-9%. Gilliam’s Kick Start escaped an upset over Ravens Never Moore narrowly 52-48%.

Making the Case: When you think about what Garrett Hartley went through (the first time) with his kicking issues, it makes it easier to appreciate what he did. Coach Sean Payton said it best on the sidelines prior to the kick: “I don’t want you thinking about anything but hitting that fleur-de-lis up there. I’ll carry you in. Just hit your kick, son. Here’s why: You deserve to be here.” Talk about bringing chills on.

As for the kick return, call it a stroke of bad luck maybe. I mean think about it, for you to start your very first game off with a score on the opening play, and then have it all tumble-down here afterwards. That’s just insane.