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March Madness: New Orleans Saints Style (Sweet 16)

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#5 – Dempsey’s Big Boot vs. #13 – Passing Dan

How They Got Here: Dempsey’s Boot earned a well deserved victory over Reggie’s House 63-37%. Passing Dan officially became the first upset of our March Madness Tournament, beating out Deuce Dozer 64-36%.

Making the Case: Tom Dempsey was born without toes on his right foot, and without fingers on his right hand. Though he only played for the Saints for a season, he is in the team’s Hall of Fame.

As for Drew Brees, one can’t say enough good things about him. Drew is easily the best quarterback to ever put on the black and gold, and the fact his record came at the hands of the Falcons makes it that much sweeter. Ironically, they’d stop him on a separate record.