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March Madness: New Orleans Saints Style (Sweet 16)

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#1 – Porter Pick Six vs. #9 – Hold On Lance!

How They Got Here: It wasn’t the most one-sided margin of victory, but Porter Pick Six powered through Beer Man Strikes with an impressive 91-9% victory. Hold On Lance! earned an easy victory over Easiest TD. Ever. 83-17%.

Making the Case: The Porter Pick Six play might have been the single most greatest play in Saints history. If you recall, the reaction on Bourbon Street was a sight to see, and for many, including yours truly, it brings instant goosebumps.

However, one can argue that this play doesn’t really happen unless Lance Moore converts the two point conversion. Either way, the Colts would have to score a touchdown, but a touchdown would have tied it with the two point conversion, versus the Saints having to rally to beat them late.