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NFL1000 Running Back Rankings: Sproles, Thomas, Ingram, Robinson Not in the Top-20

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Pierre Thomas

Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

After a very good 2013 season Pierre Thomas recently agreed to a new deal that will keep him in New Orleans for two more years. His game has been consistent all season long as he fits Sean Payton’s scheme perfectly. I’m sure everybody is happy to have him back. Position: 22/90.

Vision: 34/40

"Speed is overrated in the NFL. Thomas is a great example of that. His patience and anticipation allow him to be effective. He understands how to set up his blocking and manipulate defenders with his movement before the line of scrimmage."

Receiving: 8/10

"He lacks the explosion to break off big gains when given space, but Thomas is a reliable and versatile receiving option."

Overall: 81/100

"Thomas is entering the final stretch of his career, but he should still be an effective player in 2014."