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NFL1000 Running Back Rankings: Sproles, Thomas, Ingram, Robinson Not in the Top-20

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Mark Ingram

Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

You might not love him but Ingram had a few nice game late in the season: it isn’t enough to say he had a good season but it’s not like the Saints are paying him $10 million a year so he’s still valuable to this team in my opinion. Position: 35/90.

Speed: 17/25

"Ingram isn’t a fluid athlete or a back who can quickly change direction behind the line of scrimmage. He is at his best when he makes one cut before accelerating down the field. He has a good initial burst and enough speed to exploit space on the second level. He won’t win many races down the sideline, but his speed is a good complement to his power."

Vision: 33/40

"He’s not simply a big back who is going to put his head down and attack the first hole he sees. Ingram has enough awareness to understand how plays develop and keeps his eyes high to find cutback lanes or opportunities to bounce outside. Sometimes he makes bad decisions, but he also created extra yardage with his eyes on many occasions."

Overall: 75/100

"There was a time when it looked like Ingram’s career was never going to get to this point. Now he looks like a back who just needs more exposure to establish himself as a quality starter."