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NFL1000 Running Back Rankings: Sproles, Thomas, Ingram, Robinson Not in the Top-20

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Khiry Robinson

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favourite players on the Saints’ roster, Robinson is finally getting some attention. I think he can do great things for the Saints and I’m sure he will be given multiple opportunities to show his talent next season. Robinson was the 58th best running back in 2013, according to Matt Miller&co.

Speed: 19/25

"Robinson doesn’t have consistent home run hitter speed, but he is agile and has a good short-area burst."

Vision: 31/40

"At just 24 years of age, Robinson is already an intelligent and aware player. He makes good decisions and shows enough patience to be consistently effective."

Overall: 69/100

"Robinson’s role should expand in 2014."