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Top 5 Worst Free Agent Signings in the Sean Payton Era

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#4 – Aubrayo Franklin / #3 – Shaun Rogers (2011)

These two go hand in hand, as both were brought on to help bolster the Saints defensive line. These two players were known for being 3-4 nose tackles.

Aubrayo Franklin was an original product of the Baltimore Ravens, where he spent his first several seasons (2003-2006). He would then sign with the San Francisco 49ers, and reunite with a familiar face, Mike Nolan, who ran the defense in Baltimore. Franklin shined on their defense as a nose tackle.

Franklin signed a one-year contract with the Saints on August 2, 2011. The contract was worth $4 million, and gave him $2.75 million up front as a signing bonus. Franklin never lived up to his pay, and was allowed to test free agency. He’d have one year stints with the San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts.

As for Shaun Rogers, he had a distinguished career with the Detroit Lions, and after spending the first seven seasons of his career there (2001-2007), he would move to the Cleveland Browns for the next three to continue his play (2008-2010), but would run into injuries and dealing with being shifted within the 3-4 scheme.

Ultimately, Rogers would sign with the Saints on March 1, 2011. His contract was worth $4 million, like Franklin’s, and reports actually stated that Rogers was offered $6 million to play elsewhere.

Both suffered from a severe lack of production, but it never seemed like the smartest moves to begin with.