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[GIFs] Jimmy Graham’s 2013 Touchdowns


Jimmy Graham had an incredible season and while he (well, his agent) is discussing with the Saints his future in New Orleans let’s take a look back at all of his touchdowns from last season.

Week 1 – vs Falcons

3rd Qtr: On the red zone play-action Graham initially helps with a block then releases and finds the end zone with great body control.

Here’s the touchdown from another angle.

Week 2 – @ Buccaneers

1st Qtr: WIDE. OPEN.

Week 3 – vs Cardinals

2nd Qtr: 1-on-1 against Yeremiah Bell? Too easy.

4th Qtr: It didn’t work with Bell but Patrick Peterson will get the job done…nope!

Week 4 – vs Dolphins

2nd Qtr: Jimmy the Juggler!

3rd Qtr: 9 route + Brees fooling Reshad Jones = TD.

Week 8 – vs Bills

2nd Qtr: Dragging defenders in the endzone (Part I)

3rd Qtr: Dragging defenders in the endzone (Part II)

Week 9 – @ Jets

1st Qtr: Dragging defenders in the endzone (Part III)

2nd Qtr: Cromartie maybe? Nope.

Week 12 – @ Falcons

2nd Qtr: Yes, Jimmy is fast too.

Plus, the best NFL dunk ever.

Week 13 – @ Seattle

2nd Qtr: Tight window? No problem.

Week 14 – vs Panthers

2nd Qtr: Dome-ination.

4th Qtr: Slant. Boom. Death blow.

Week 16 – @ Panthers

4th Qtr: Jump ball!

And the celebrative dunk (look at Terron Armstead!).

Week 17 – vs Buccaneers

1st Qtr: The last one.

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