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NFL1000 Fullback Rankings: Jed Collins Definitely Underrated


Every year after the season is over Bleacher Report ranks the top 1000 players of the season. That’s a lot of work and it’s pretty awesome. You can find the complete list of fullbacks here.

Jed Collins is the 10th best fullback in the league, according to Matt Miller & co. The list doesn’t include all 32 NFL teams since not every team uses an “old school” fullback nowadays. Collins’ ranking is a bit low because some of the players ahead of him are hybrid HB/FB kind of players that will therefore have better stats (Marcel Reece, John Kuhn or Mike Tolbert, for example).

His “Run Block” grade his good (20/25):

"[Collins] can get to the second level of the opposing defense quickly and typically sticks his blocks, but he struggles against bigger, stronger defenders, especially when he allows them to come to him rather than attacking them."

He lacks ideal power and pass blocking skills but has nice hands that will guarantee him a roster spot in New Orleans.

Overall B/R judgement:

"Collins’ game does not stand out in any area, but he is a well-rounded player and a solid starter on the New Orleans offense. He is an adequate lead blocker for the rushing offense, and he adds value as a receiver out of the backfield."

I think he had a very good season in 2013, proving that he is a reliable 3rd-and-short option. The two drops he had on 19 targets stink a little bit but he’s still one of the best pass-catching fullbacks in the league in my opinion.

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