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Biggest Draft Busts In The Sean Payton Era

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Draft busts. Oh man! There’s so many players that every team can choose from. When a player is drafted high, they have so much weight to carry. You’re essentially being compensated for four years, and then how you play dictates what happens next. For most players? They never live up to their return on investment.

Today, we’ll look at some Saints draft busts from the Sean Payton Era.

Let me preface this article by saying that 2012 doesn’t count, and we aren’t going to focus on any current players, like Mark Ingram. Why? Well, because he’s still a Saint. As far as the other criteria for this list, it has to be a fourth round pick or higher.

Let me also give you the Tarantino version of my list, as I give you the honorable mentions first:

Al Woods, Defensive Tackle | 2010 Draft, Round 4, #123 Overall

Stanley Arnoux, Linebacker 2009 Draft, Round 4, #118 Overall

Chip Vaughn, Defensive Back 2009 Draft, Round 4, #116 Overall

Now that that’s out-of-the-way, let’s dive in!