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NFL1000 Quarterback Rankings: Brees Lower Than Rivers, Wilson!?


Every year after the season is over Bleacher Report ranks the top 1000 players of the season. That’s a lot of work and it’s pretty awesome. You can find the complete list of quarterbacks here.

Let’s see how Drew’s 2013 numbers compared to his 2012 numbers:

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I don’t understand the -1 in the “Mechanics” category but I agree with Miller as far as “Decision Making”. Brees seemed kinda lost at times and threw some dumb interceptions that weren’t Brees-esque at all. Mobility is fine: he’s not Peyton Manning but he’s not Aaron Rodgers either. I would have given him 5 in that category only because of how beautifully he climbs the pocket but they didn’t ask for my advice.

Matt Miller’s overall judgement:

"Sean Payton’s return made a noticeable difference for Brees in 2013, but so too did the lack of talent at the offensive tackle position. In his 13th season, we continue to see excellent quarterback play from him."

Brees ranks 6th among the 2013 quarterbacks, below Tom Brady (#5), Aaron Rodgers (#4), Russell Wilson (#3),  Philip Rivers (#2) and Peyton Manning (#1).

Although less accurate (-5) than Brees, Russell Wilson received better grades in “Arm Strenght” (+3), “Decision Making” (+2) and “Mobility” (+1). The strong arm has never been a peculiarity of Brees but decision making is why Wilson should be higher than Brees in my opinion (and Miller seems to agree).

A player that went a bit under radar in ’13 was Philip Rivers. His mechanics still sucks (11/15) but the talent around him helped him reach a great level of play, as Miller pointed out:

"Rivers made an amazing comeback in 2013, thanks largely to a better offensive line and reliable targets at receiver. From a talent and production perspective, he is clearly still one of the best in the league."

In the end I guess I agree with Drew’s ranking, except for Tom Brady. I don’t like Tom Brady.

Luke McCown

Backup quarterback and soon-to-be free agent Luke McCown ranked 58th. His strong points? Decision making (22/30) and arm strength (13/15). Check out the full review here.

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