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2014 Recipe For Success: The Ground Game

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Mark Ingram & Khiry Robinson

Their paths to the NFL have been different, to say the least. Ingram came in as the Heisman Trophy-winner, first-round selection a few years ago while Robinson was brought in as an undrafted free agent during last summer’s camp try-outs. Now they share touches in playoff games. As Sean Payton said (more or less): “It doesn’t matter how you get here, what matters is that you do your job.” That’s what they’ve been doing in the latter part of the season and they’ve done it pretty well: over the last four games (playoff games included) they combined for 70 carries, 336 yards, two touchdowns and a 2-pt conversion.

Robinson gained more and more touches throughout the season and led all Saints running backs in carries (39) in the final stretch of the season, even before Pierre Thomas went down with the chest injury. Second was Ingram with 31.

Can Ingram maintain this level of play next year? Sure the transition to the NFL has been rough but now it looks like #AngryIngram is ready to shake off that “bust” label that plagued him in his first three years.

Can Robinson maintain this level of play next year? You bet! He isn’t afraid to make contact with the defenders, has good balance, makes sharp cuts and sees the holes very well.  We haven’t seen enough attempts to put him on top of the depth chart but Sean Payton needs to #FreeKhiry in 2014, as Bill Parcells suggested him before the playoff game against Seattle.