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Can The Saints Win A Playoff Game On The Road?


“Finish strong”. An expression that doesn’t really suits the 2013 Saints, who sit now in second place in the NFC South with a 10-5 record after starting the season 5-0. Basically we screwed up every chance we had to get one of the top two seeds (and that would have guaranteed a home playoff game but that’s too easy, we wanna do it the hard way). Blame it on the players, on the coaches, on the weather but it is what it is. I’m not trying to jinx it but the Saints should be able to get into the playoffs by winning the remaining home game against the Bucs next Sunday (and if they don’t I don’t believe they deserve to be in the playoff). So, presuming that they make it to the postseason, they have to play away from home.

Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago and Green Bay are still in the mix for the #3 and #4 seeds and the result of those games (Eagles @ Cowboys, Packers @ Bears) will decide who the Saints will face comes January. There’s a good chance the Saints will play outdoors and they are 2-4 in games played outdoors and away from home so far.

Quick notes I feel like adding:

– the offensive line plays horribly on the road

– Brees is throwing too f****** many interceptions (9/12 away from the Superdome)

– the defense is good even if some key players went down (Greer, Vaccaro)

– Sean Payton please stop it with those screens, EVERYBODY (even I) CAN SEE THEM COMING

Keep in mind these and have your say Who Dat Nation:

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