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NFL Week 15 – Quick Hits

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Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) reacts after throwing an interception in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Dallas Cowboys

Just when you think it’s safe in the month of December, the Cowboys strike, again. It was one thing to be killed by the Bears under Josh McCown, but how about the Packers with Matt Flynn? The Cowboys blew a 23 point lead at halftime in the fourth quarter, and Tony Romo threw two crucial ‘well-timed’ interceptions that officially completed the Dallas demise. Let’s also say that Dez Bryant threw a temper tantrum again, or at least we’re led to believe he left out of emotion. Hot heads is Dallas? Never heard of that before.

Houston Texans

How does one define one of the worst collapses in NFL History? Answer. Houston Texans. They only put up 3 points against the Colts with interim Head Coach Wade Phillips. They’re officially staring at the #1 overall pick now, and lost their 12th straight game. On a different note, we’re just happy Indianapolis remembered how to play with a lead.

New York Giants

The Giants just had another setback with Eli Manning, as he threw five interceptions on the day, as the team was shutout 23-0. I’m just wondering if there’s going to be a huge debate about Manning returning as a Giants starter next season? I’m sure being that it’s New York, that happened by the second game, but this season didn’t seem to change fates as they did in the past few seasons.

The NFL/Terence Garvin/Kevin Huber

If you haven’t seen any dirty hits lately, but sure you google this one. During an Antonio Brown punt return in the first quarter, Huber was hit by Terence Garvin. Here’s the problem. Garvin led with the helmet, and connected with Huber’s chin. Huber lands on IR with a broken jaw & cracked veterbrae, and Garvin gets a measily $25K fine. The NFL disappoints yet again in their consistency of punishment, what a shocker. Congrats Garvin, you blocked the crap out of a punter, let’s get the victory bells.

Honorable Mentions: Charles Brown, Garrett Hartley, & the rest of the Sunshine Saints Band Against the Rams, The Almost Arizona Meltdown, Where Did The Bengals Go? Rocky Outing For Kirk Cousins