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Sean Payton is (rightfully) pissed off


"It was pretty ugly."

That’s how Sean Payton’s press conference after the game started. Body language doesn’t lie and even if I’m not even remotely close to being an expert I think anybody can tell coach Payton was fuming both during and after the game. We all were. What we saw yesterday looked more like a horror movie than a football game.

Too many mistakes on offense: 3 turnovers, 2/6 red zone efficiency, 5/15 on third down, 4 sacks for -22 yards.

An absent-minded defense: 0 turnovers created, 0 sacks, 144 rushing yards allowed.

Not-So-Special teams: 1 missed field goal, 1 blocked field goal, one onside recovery allowed.

"How we played today was unacceptable and that’s on me."

Hard to admit but true: Payton takes the blame for what I think was a “too soft” approach to the game but it is what it is. What I expected was a different team in the second half but nothing changed and that’s alarming.

When asked about the decision of taking out LT Charles Brown and replace him with Zach Strief he said:

"I saw enough. Period. Penalties, pressures, sacks…saw enough and [at] some point you just can’t keep watching it."

It was really hard to watch. I don’t understand how an O-Line can play a nearly perfect game one week and an atrocious one the next week. Is Aaron Kromer missed that much? We knew Charlie Brown wasn’t the answer for the Left Tackle spot but I didn’t expected such deplorable performances.

"I’m sure the tape won’t be very exciting. It will be revealing though."

Yeah, one place I’d rather not be in is Saints’ film room with a raging Sean Payton.

At least we know that our guys can bounce back after an ugly loss but will it happen even if they play away from the Dome next week against the Panthers? I believe in Sean Payton and I think we can do it, everybody is tired of hearing that we can’t win on the road. He has proved to be a great motivator and will be able to shake this team and clinch that #2 seed.

Oh, I almost forgot, Atlanta won. Really a crappy Sunday.

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