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NFL Week 14 – Quick Hits

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Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Kansas City Chiefs strong safety Eric Berry (29) sacks Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) in the second quarter at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins

We finally get the inside drama in Washington, and it’s just ugly. We hear that Mike Shanahan was debating coming back this season because of RGIII’s treatment, and then that he believed that RGIII shouldn’t be playing. Then we hear about the coaching controversy, and that leads to Dan Snyder. Now, RGIII won’t play again for the rest of the season, and enter Kirk Cousins. Oh yeah, they played a game on Sunday, or at least showed up for one. The Redskins were blown out 45-10 to the Chiefs, and the score was 38-10 by the end of the half. The Redskins may have my vote for failure of the season.

Dallas Cowboys Defense

This is twice this season that the Cowboys could not stop an offense in ANY of their offensive possessions. The Bears would score on each possession they had on Monday Night, and the Cowboys nearly gave up 500 yards of offense, again. Their defense is flirting with disaster, and has a chance to break the Saints record from a year ago. Oh, and they still suck in the month of December.

Start Your 2014 Draft Boards

Season is over for a good bit of teams. But did you honestly expect that four of the eight playoff teams from 2012 are owners of the Top 4 draft spots? Houston (2-11), Washington (3-10), Atlanta (3-10), Minnesota (3-9-1)

Honorable Mentions: Houston Keeps On Losing, Panthers Roar Like a Kitten, Eli’s Return Flop, Titans Throw In The Towel, Just Stay In Bounds Antonio Brown, Raiders Make Jets Look Like They Have An Offense, Did Tom Brady Pay Off the Refs?