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Who Dat Fantasy – Week 11 Edition

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Here we are, back with another edition of our weekly segment dedicated to fantasy football: Who Dat Fantasy. Last week Terrance Williams scored Dallas’ only aerial touchdown (8.10 total fantasy points) and made my prediction relevant. Thank you! Of course after I wrote to give up on Ingram he came out as angry as ever and racked up 22 fantasy points. But that’s not the whole story: you have to keep in mind that the Saints ran a grand total of 80 plays against a Cowboys defense that was completely lost after Sean Lee left the game with a hamstring injury. I’m still convinced he has zero fantasy value, one game shouldn’t change your mind after repeated poor performances. Plus, look at some of the defenses he will face in the final stretch of the season: 49ers, Seahawks, Panthers (twice) and Bucs.

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