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Game 8 Reaction: Saints vs. Jets

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Jets 26, Saints 20

Saints Put Forth a Sloppy Effort, Fall to 6-2

I’ve said it before, but I hate writing about losses. I think I may have some type of crystal ball. In my closing thoughts for my Keys to the Game article, I said:

"I’ve said it before, this is a classic ‘trap’ game. There’s nothing to take away from the Jets, who are 4-4 on the season, but on paper, and overall, the Saints are the better team. The Jets have a 3-1 record at home this season. I don’t expect this to be a blowout, by any means. The Jets have shown resilience when they have fallen behind, so even if the Saints get a lead, they shouldn’t sit on it. However, I see struggles in the first half, and adjustments made for the second half that will ultimately let the Saints prevail."

Well, it happened. The Saints shook off some early jitters, and then ended up going up 14-6. However, the Jets would rally back and go up in the last-minute of the 2nd half, and would never trail again.

The Saints looked down right ‘ugly’ yesterday in their outing yesterday against the Jets, and the end result was a victory for their team. Much credit is given to Rex Ryan, for his ability to get after Drew Brees. Clearly, the Saints were thrown off yesterday.

Oh, and for those who may have wondered, I’ve lost the title of ‘Rapid Reaction’ on these articles. Let’s face it, Monday or Tuesday isn’t so rapid.

Quick Box Score Stats

Total First Downs: New Orleans (23), New York (14)

Third Down Efficiency: New Orleans (27% – 3/11), New York (28% – 4/14)

Total Net Yards: New Orleans (407), New York (338)

Sacks: New Orleans (2), New York (2)

Turnovers: New Orleans (2), New York (0)

Time of Possession: New Orleans (29:32), New York (30:28)

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