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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 9)

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Welcome back to our weekly pick’em! The Who Dat Dish Staff got together, and started a Weekly Pick’em! Sure, we love covering the Saints, but why not give our two pennies on other matchups?

In case you missed last week’s picks, click here.

What a better week in pick’em! Well, at least for some? (Again, if you missed it, my computer issues delayed this, I apologize!)

This week, we have another six teams on the bye (Denver, Detroit, NY Giants, Arizona, San Francisco, Jacksonville). Hopefully your fantasy season isn’t riding on this week.

As for the pick’em race? It’s getting much closer! MacGyver is still in sole control of first place, but Mark & Frederico are hot on his tail! Ian isn’t too far behind, and no one is ‘dead’ yet. This week is full of a good bit of unanimous picks. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get this out on time, but we all whiffed massively on the Bengals. Faux Andy Dalton, we blame you.

1 – MacGyver (82-38, 68%)

T-2 – Mark (81-39, 68%) -1

T-2 – Frederico (81-39, 68%) -1

4 – Ian (79-41, 66%) -3

5 – John (75-45, 63%) -7

6 – Corey (71-49, 59%) -11

7 – Chris (68-52, 57%) -14

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