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How Much Would You Pay Jimmy Graham?

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Tony Gonzalez (1997-Present)

Tony Gonzalez bursted onto the scene in 1997 after playing football for the California Golden Bears (CAL). He was a 1st round selection, and went #13 overall. At the end of the 2001 season, after being faced with lots of disappointment with the team’s performance, Gonzalez decided to act on his interest in basketball options. Gonzalez was set up with the Miami Heat rookie squad in the summer of 2002, and would miss the entire preseason with the Chiefs. Gonzalez was presented with a 7 year deal, worth $31M, including a $10M signing bonus, which would make him the league’s highest paid tight end. Tony would receive a 5 year contract extension in January of 2007 to reclaim being the highest paid tight end.