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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 6)

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Sep 29, 2013; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson (81) is tackled by Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor (24) and free safety Ryan Clark (25) during the NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Ian

Bears over Giants

I can’t tell if this losing streak is all a part of the Giants master plan to fake us all out just to sneak into the playoffs. Listening to the tone of Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, and Victor Cruz however makes me a little bit more confident that it isn’t. Whether it’s the offensive line not being on the same page, bad defensive play, or just unimaginative play-calling these Giants are in for a world of hurt when they play the Bears.

Packers over Ravens
This ought to be a good match-up because the Ravens’ defense should give Air Rodg and the Pack some trouble. Green Bay is going to be in some trouble if Baltimore decides to use their running backs to power their offense. I have a feeling that the Packers defense is really going to miss Clay Matthews play-making ability in this game. Rodgers will compensate for a defense making adjustments and come away with the win.

Bengals over Bills
Interesting that nobody else on this site thought that the Bengals were better than the Patriots last week. Despite Andy Dalton’s rocky play the past couple of weeks, I see them notching another win against the Buffalo Bills. This defense is the real deal as recently activated quarterback Thad Lewis will find out. Unless he pulls a “Brian Hoyer” on us, I expect the Bills to use the Spiller-Jackson combo to try to power their offense against one of the top 10 run defenses in the NFL. That won’t work out too well and all the Bengals will have to do is score with their weapons on offense.

Browns over Lions
So here is my upset pick for the week. As much as I want to choose the Lions again, I’m actually fairly confident that the Browns will come away with a close win. I know, I know its strange. I actually have Browns players starting in my fantasy league! (Are we in the twilight zone?) The fact is that the Browns have a top 10 pass defense and rush defense this year. The Lions have got plenty of weapons to go around on the offense but Stafford is known to throw an interception or two and his mistakes will cost them dearly.

Texans over Rams
Go ahead and put away your torches and pitchforks people. Matt Schaub is going to be just fine against St. Louis. An excellent defense will keep him on the field to develop a great rhythm with his receivers and the Texans will be back to running their balanced offense. The Rams just aren’t going to be able to keep up with them and even if they get a turnover they won’t be able to capitalize on it for a score.

Chiefs over Raiders
This another team with a great defense that I like. The Chiefs will keep Oakland under wraps this game and Jamaal Charles will have a great day rushing too. Kudos to the Raiders on the win against the Chargers in the Midnight Bowl last week. The Raiders are just too inconsistent for me to take them seriously yet.

Panthers over Vikings
If the Panthers can’t win this game then things are a lot worse than we feared. The Vikings are bad on defense. Like third-worst in the league bad. Then again the Panthers are bad on offense, but with weapons like DeAngelo Williams, Greg Olsen, and Steve Smith they have got to be able to break through.

Steelers over Jets
These are truly strange times when the Browns and Jets are beating teams left and right. This pick is more of a plea for sanity in the NFL than my belief that the Steelers can actually beat the Jets. Both teams have great defenses that will keep this a low scoring affair. If I have to make a quick decision on which offense has more success it would be New York. Here is hoping that the Steelers have what it takes to stay relevant in the league and beat the Jets.

Eagles over Buccaneers
No Vick? No problem. Nick Foles and the Eagles will be fine against Tampa Bay. I’m not sure what is going on in Tampa Bay but when your problems on-the-field move to disturbing the team off-the-field you know you are in trouble. I expect both Doug Martin to have a great day against a dismal running defense. I’m actually more interested in seeing if Revis can shut down DeSean Jackson.

Broncos over Jaguars
Does anybody give the Jaguars a shot in this game? I heard Vegas has the Broncos winning by 26 points or something like that. Maurice Jones-Drew will be a wrinkle in the Broncos defensive game plan that they will need to account for if they don’t want this game to be close. Manning better not be lackadaisical in his passing either because the Jaguars have the tenth-best passing defense in the league. Expect Knowshon Moreno and company to have a great day running the ball.

Seahawks over Titans
Does Kenny Britt still play for the Tennessee Titans? I haven’t heard his name in a really long time and that is not good for the Titans offense. Don’t expect the Titans to put up alot of points but don’t expect the Seahawks to blow them out of the water either. The Titans have got a pretty good defense and Russell Wilson could struggle early on. The key will be handing the ball off to that skittles munching monster, Marshawn Lynch.

Saints over Patriots
Remember how I said that the Patriots weren’t better than the Bengals last week? Well they sure aren’t better than the Saints this week. The Saints easily beat the Patriots on their way to the Superbowl when they had Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and a sturdy defense. This 2013 team is better than the 2009 team and they will have their way with the Patriots in Foxborough. Saints stay undefeated going into their bye week.

49ers over Cardinals
The Cardinals are average and the 49ers are dominant. Their offense hasn’t shown it since the first week of the season against Green Bay but that defense is still downright scary. I doubt Arizona puts up more than 17 points in this game. Captain Kaep and that offense will put it together and get back to their winning ways.

Cowboys over Redskins
The Cowboys may have lost against the Broncos last week but I had no idea Dallas would keep up with (heck, sometimes outpace) Denver. The Cowboys are a good football team and the Redskins are trying to remember how to be a good football team. Both teams are having trouble on defense, so expect this one to be a shootout until the Redskins are predictably foiled by the Cowboys in Arlington.

Colts over Chargers
I’m not losing any hope that the Chargers can still make some noise this season. The Colts have proved me wrong time and time again however and I have to go with them this week against San Diego. I’m not buying into this “Andrew Luck is a Top 5 quarterback” talk quite yet but he is definitely in my Top 10. Once again people are overlooking that the Colts defense is allowing the fifth-least points in the NFL right now. The Chargers are still struggling on defense so this should be an easy win for Indy.