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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 6)

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Oct 6, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Haloti Ngata (92) and strong safety James Ihedigbo (32) react to Miami Dolphins missed field goal late in the fourth quarter at Sun Life Stadium.The Ravens won 26-23. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Hispandrix

NYG@CHI: Things are looking terrible for the Giants, and now they are tasked with marching into Solider Field to duel with the Bears. All the Giants have done this season is go 0-5, and have been outscored by 100 points. Last week’s meeting with the Saints left the Bears with a big sour taste in their mouth. If I’m Chicago, I’m hung up on the fact that they didn’t force a single turnover last week (especially being the top unit in turnovers). Eli is ripe for the picking (see what I did there?) in this game, and unless a miracle happens, the Giants are going 0-6. Side note, Eli Manning has thrown 12 interceptions in 5 games, which is 2.4 per game. Let’s just call it 2.5. With 11 games left for the Giants, that means he’s on pace to throw roughly 40 interceptions this season. Yikes.

GB@BAL: Just when you think the Ravens were going to be beat, they get their logic right & split their play selection (32 passes to 40 runs) last week, and come out with a win. Funny how that works, right? The Ravens defense also showed up to play on the day, and take that how you will, as Miami has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. The Packers started slow against the Megatron-less Lions, but James Jones went psycho, and helped the Packers knock off the Lions. This game is quite intriguing. I mean honestly, I don’t even know what to expect. The Ravens are formidable foes at home typically, and the Packers have already had one AFC North setback this year visiting the Bengals. Call me crazy, but I think the Ravens will win here. It’s a huge chance for them to distance themselves in the AFC North with the Bengals & Browns threatening.

CIN@BUF: Buffalo is the perfect example of Jekyll/Hyde, as they have stayed that way over the years. Before their meeting with the Browns, all of their previous games were decided in 7 points or less. The Bills are better at home, but with the way the Bengals played last week with their defense, it would be safe to say they should have a good time with whatever quarterback ends up playing, which is likely Thad Lewis. Have fun Bengals.

DET@CLE: You would have laughed earlier this season when you thought about this game, but both of these teams are 3-2. The Lions are currently the NFC North leaders, and the Browns are only a divisonal game back from the Ravens. I can’t even begin to tell you the implications of this matchup. The biggest difference, or most glaring part of this matchup is no more Brian Hoyer. The Browns were able to get extra help, despite losing Hoyer. I’m not sold on Weeden’s ability to lead this team.

STL@HOU: Wow, Houston, your fan base is terrible. I might expect crazy things from the Falcons ‘fan base’, but you guys? I’m talking about the fans confronting Schaub at his home. I guess they would rather go back to the David Carr Age? The Rams knocked off Jacksonville, but I mean, take that how you will. The Texans are in a 3-game skid at the moment, and honestly I fear the restless crowd at Reliant will get on the team early. I pick the Texans to win here, but if they lose, there may be pitchforks & torches this time. On a different note Texans fans, don’t act like that. There’s no need for any of it.

OAK@KC: The Raiders knocked off the Chargers at home

CAR@MIN: The Vikings took a seat in Week 5, after playing in London, and earning their first win of the season against the Steelers. The Panthers went from beating the drawers off the Giants 38-0, to a bye, and then lose to the Cardinals. The burning question for either of these is which team shows up here? It’s hard for me to pick against AP, and I’m still thinking the Panthers

PIT@NYJ: J-E-T-S, W-T-F!? I can’t tell you how happy every single New Orleans Saints fan (and player, see Thomas Morstead) was after their win in Atlanta. Geno Smith showed how he can respond surrounding a bad loss (Titans). If you didn’t see, he actually apologized to all of the players for his play in that game against the Titans. The Steelers had a bye week to get things ‘in order’, or at least restore the chaos that has been known as their winless season.

PHI@TB: Tampa Turmoil. Here comes Mike Glennon!? The Bucs had a week to think things over, which honestly doesn’t help them whatsoever. Tampa controlled most of their last home game against the Cardinals, but then Patrick Peterson changed the fate to ‘sink the ship’. The Eagles are likely to be with Nick Foles, at least we are led to believe that at the moment. Desean Jackson ran his mouth stating how much faster he was than Darelle Revis (and Revis agreed), so there’s a good matchup to watch on Sunday. The Bucs haven’t shown any type of signs of playing better, and until they attempt to do so, I’ll gladly pick against them.

JAC@DEN: MOST POINTS OF THE SEASON AT 20! All I’ll say is the Jaguars took offense to the spread in this game. How bout you show it on the field? Doubtful. Why am I still typing?

TEN@SEA: A tough outing vs. the Chiefs, and now you travel to Seattle to play a team than is a perfect 10-0 at home, and just lost to the Chiefs. Honestly, I can’t tell you anything else that would make a case for the Titans’ chances.

NO@NE: I’ll gladly direct you to my Keys to the Game.

ARI@SF: Not to take away from the Cardinals season thus far (3-2), but the 49ers (3-2) would be your automatic choice here. If it were in Arizona, I would change my opinion slightly, but you did just see what the 49ers just did to the Texans offense right? What makes you think Carson Palmer has a chance?

WSH@DAL: The Redskins are fresh off of their bye week, and a lot of pressure was lifted from this team, as they got their first win of the season at Oakland in Week 4. However, at 1-3, the Redskins have plenty of work to do. The Cowboys lost their shootout with the Broncos, and fell to 2-3 on the year. Traces of this historic rivalry date back to 1960. This will be meeting number 106 between the two franchises, and the Cowboys lead the all-time series 62-44. The Cowboys went 14-6 against the Redskins in the 2000s. But enough of old history, otherwise we’d be here forever. In the 2010s, the series is tied 3-3, and on Monday Night Football alone, Dallas is at 8-7. I realize it’s Sunday Night Football, and in case you were wondering, Dallas leads that 3-2, but the Redskins have won the last two meetings. Why bring this all up anyway? Because, it’s a crapshoot. If I had to pick someone, it has to be Dallas here, because they are scoring, and the Redskins defense still gives up mega yardage.

IND@SD: A week after the Chargers knock off the Cowboys at home, they lose to the Raiders. Why???