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Game 5 Rapid Reaction: Saints vs. Bears

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Oct 6, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (80) makes a catch against Chicago Bears middle linebacker D.J. Williams (58) and cornerback Isaiah Frey (31) during the second half at Soldier Field. The Saints beat the Bears 26-18. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s No Stopping Jimmy Graham

Seriously, there’s no one able to solve for Jimmy Graham. We’re going to have to have a new nickname for the Brees to Graham combo. Graham was targeted 11 times on the day, and hauled in 10 receptions for 135, including that huge 38 yard catch. Graham had Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman on him a few times, and was still able to make his catches. Graham was even wide open over the middle on one of his catches.

Each week Graham plays to this level and beyond, his paycheck increases. As stated by John Malkovich in Rounders, ‘Pay Him. Pay That Man His Money.’