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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 5)

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Sep 29, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) stands on the sidelines during the second quarter against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Heauxgue

Dolphins over Ravens: The Ravens are inconsistent on defense and have not been getting the yardage they are used to. The Dolphins are smarting after their loss to the Saints. I expect them to carve the Ravens up.

Saints over Bears: The Saints are feeling really good right now and have some nice momentum going. The Bears are no joke and will be a good test for Cam Jordan and this young defensive line. I expect it to be a good game, and for the Saints to notch another W.

Lions over Packers: I am not on the Packer’s bandwagon this year. I am definitely on the Lions. They have finally found the running game (former Saints Reggie Bush and Joique Bell) that gives Calvin Johnson some room to work with. This Lions defense has also stepped up its game. I not only see a win here, but that the Lions will be looking to make a big statement.

Rams over Jaguars: In all honesty, I am really hoping this is the Jaguars first win of the season. I just can’t see it this week. Things aren’t going well for the Rams but at least they are in better shape than these Jags. This will be a feel-good game for the Rams.

Chiefs over Titans: I am still high on this Chiefs team, but that isn’t the only reason I’m picking them this week. The Titans will be without Jake Locker, and while Ryan Fitzpatrick is no slouch, he doesn’t bring the same type of game as Locker does. It may be close, but it will definitely be the Chiefs in this one.

Giants over Eagles: This is definitely my upset of the week. The Eagles may not have a good record, but they play harder than the record shows (the Broncos are the exception, they really blew them out of the water last week). The Giants are just at that point where they start battling adversity and best expectations. If they start this week, then they can get a head start.

Panthers over Cardinals: This Cardinals squad is not great. They are average. Meanwhile, this Panthers team is still in “prove-it” mode. The shutout against the Giants was a great start. Now they need to prove they can win two in a row.