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Saints vs Dolphins: Report Card

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Coaching: 90 A

I loved the play-calling in the first half, specifically on offense. The coaching staff obviously saw enough matchups with the Dolphins and their ability to defend running backs that they felt confident in Sproles’s ability to have a great game. They couldn’t have been more right. In the second half, they focused more on spreading the ball around, getting Graham and Colston more involved. The defense was solid but slowing down the run game was key in making sure the Dolphins didn’t get into a rhythm on offense. They need to do a better job defending against running quarterbacks but, in all fairness, Tannehil did a beautiful job running when the situation warranted it.

The biggest issue I have with the coaching staff this game, and for the matter all of the previous games, has been with the offensive line. I am not sure what the issue is exactly but there are more holds being called, more offensive lineman getting pushed back, and more sacks on Drew Brees than is acceptable. Something must be done about the lack of execution by this unit. I will admit, though, that the shift from the run game to wheel routes, screens, and other short passes to running backs and receivers helped open up the downfield and middle-field passing game. This was a great adjustment, but if they don’t fix things soon, teams will figure out how to stop them.