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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 4)

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Aug 29, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn (15) listens to a coach during a fourth quarter timeout against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Hispandrix

SF@STL:  In all likelihood, this is really gonna be a snoozer. The 49ers have been downright horrible in the past two games. Is it Kaepernick losing Vernon Davis? Is Kaepernick just overrated? Does Frank Gore complaining help? How bout the Aldon Smith fiasco? Who knows. The Rams came off of their own beat down in Dallas. The Rams played well against the NFC South last year, and given the woes of the 49ers the past two games, they have a real chance to take this one. However, the 49ers aren’t going to let this slip away in my opinion. If they do, it’s going to be a terrible week in California.

BAL@BUF: I really thought EJ Manuel would have been able to rally to win against the Jets. I’m impressed with the Ravens win, despite not having Ray Rice. The ‘leadership’ thing is quite a distraction for the Ravens, but maybe it’s just Ray Lewis getting in the subconscious of the players. Buffalo has several concerns on the injury front, and coupled with a Ray Rice return, I think it’s all Ravens.

CIN@CLE: It’s the ‘Battle of Ohio’ for the 80th time in history (Bengals lead the series 42-37). I can’t tell you it’s a given that the Bengals win here, as these two have always played each other tough. Hell, if you can believe it or remember it, 11/28/04 was a 58-48 shootout the Bengals, and then on 9/16/07, there was a 51-45 shootout the Browns won. I honestly don’t think the Browns have another 30 point outing in them like they did against the Vikings. The Bengals turned a lot of heads last week knocking off the Packers, they should continue that momentum this week.

CHI@DET: Good old fashioned matchup here, as these two meet for the 167th time in history. Roots to this rivalry origin started in 1933, as the Portsmouth Spartans won over the Chicago Bears 7-6. Chicago leads this all-time series 96-65-5, they’ve won the last 3 meetings, and they’ve won 9 out of their last 10 head to head matchups against the Lions. The Bears are playing some of their best football right now, and it’s on both sides of the ball. I really would love to see the Lions come out with an upset here, but just don’t see it happening.

SEA@HOU: Had Houston come off a win in Baltimore, I’d be more inclined to think they would at least make it a game. You can even just state that Seattle is on the road, and that in itself has the makings of an upset. However, Seattle is just too tough on both sides of the ball at this point. I seriously don’t see them losing.

IND@JAC: Jacksonville could be beat by the Alabama Crimson Tide right now, what makes you think they have a chance against the Colts?

NYG@KC: The Giants are screwed if/when they lose this game. I know Tom Coughlin has been in this position before, and has rebounded accordingly, but Eli Manning is playing horrible. The Chiefs look to knock off another NFC East opponent (see Cowboys, Eagles). Maybe it’s the power of Andy Reid? Given the times Eli Manning went down last week, he may not even have a chance to find anyone but the turf. Chiefs move to 4-0.

PIT@MIN: Poor London, they get shafted with a matchup of the winless. If Le’veon Bell gets to play, it would be somewhat worth checking on. Christian Ponder is still the quarterback, right? I like the Steelers to finally get that ‘W’.

ARI@TB: Let me get this straight, you’re going to bench Josh Freeman, and start rookie Mike Glennon? As if that’s not enough, Vincent Jackson is a little banged up, so he’ll throw it to (blank)? Tampa is in turmoil, and that might be putting it too nicely. Greg Schiano is a horrible coach, and his team is a mess. Arizona just came off a beatdown in New Orleans, but just their discipline alone should help them win this game.

NYJ@TEN: These are the last teams you’d think would be 2-1. However you slice it, there’s no denying it. The Titans are the better team easily, and they have a chance to really beat up on the Jets.

PHI@DEN: The Eagles took a huge step back last week with their home loss agains the Chiefs. Michael Vick struggled, for lack of better phrase. Lesean McCoy & all of Philadelphia got a huge scare in that game, but fortunately he came back in the game to finish it out. Denver is just looking all shades of invincible right now, expect another huge showing from them, and move to 4-0.

WAS@OAK: RG 0-3 has been trending.Washington is is dead last in defense, and have given up nearly 1500 yards. When you can insert most Raider players in your fantasy lineup this week, you know it’s ridiculous. It’s Matt Flynn time in Oakland (that didn’t take nearly as long as everyone was thinking), and the Redskins have proven that they can’t stop anyone on defense. RGIII was rushed back way too soon, and as a result, the Redskins are in a horrible spot. Rayyydahz.

DAL@SD: Poor Chargers, they just can’t close games out it seems. I nearly died laughing at all the Philip River faces, and his famous ‘kick the ball’ to make it move tactic. I honestly thought Dallas would get upset by the Rams last week, but I failed to remember December is still a ways away. It doesn’t even matter at this point, the Chargers have surrendered the 2nd most total yards in the league. Dallas should have a field day.

NE@ATL: The Falcons are still fairly banged up here. Even with the Patriots struggles on offense (that isn’t a cheap shot, it’s similar to what the Saints were going through). The Patriots defense has stepped up tremendously. The Falcons found ways to score & move the ball despite missing Steven Jackson, and Julio Jones went off. However, they failed to stop the Dolphins last week to win the game. Call me crazy, but the Patriots are due for a huge break out game, and the Falcons may be made an example of. Gronkowski isn’t playing, again, but Brady to Thompkins was the connection last week, maybe it’s someone else this week? Pats should win.

MIA@NO: Extra day for injuries delay my Keys to the Game, but you know who I’m taking here. You just have to wait for my full analysis.