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NFL Week 3 – Quick Hits

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Russell Wilson is now a perfect 10-0 at home.

The Jaguars (-64) & The Giants (-61) have the league’s worst net point differentials. The gap between the team with the most points, Broncos (127), and the team with the least points, Jaguars (28), is 99 points.

Speaking of points, the Browns (31) actually outscored these teams combined: Giants (0), Rams (7), Bucs (3), Cardinals (7), and San Francisco (7). If you want to dig deeper, add the Texans (9), and the Jaguars (17) put up more against SEATTLE than these teams scored on Sunday individually.

NFC Playoff teams last year included: Seahawks, 49ers, Falcons, Redskins, Packers, & Vikings. If you take the Seahawks 3-0 record out, these teams are a combined 3-12 this season.

400 Yard Passer Club: Ben Roethlisberger (406)

Top Rushing Performance this week: Demarco Murray (175) against the Rams, where have you heard this before?

Top Receiver Performance this week: Antonio Brown (196) against the Bears.

Just as everyone thought, the New Orleans Saints have a Top 5


Defense and aren’t in the Top 5 in



Just when you think it’s midly impossible, and right after Mario Williams does it, Justin Houston churned out 4.5 sacks Thursday Night against the Eagles. Players continue to mildly flirt with the 7 sack record of Derrick Thomas set in 1990.

Speaking of sacks, these quarterbacks had a rough Sunday, spending a good bit of their time on the ground being sacked by the opposition: EJ Manuel (8), Eli Manning (7), Sam Bradford, Michael Vick, and Christian Ponder (6). this is not a typo.

Eli Manning has thrown 8 interceptions through 3 games, and in case you were wondering, his career high in interceptions is 25 (2010).

Spencer Lanning, a punter from the Browns, had a touchdown pass against the Vikings Sunday. That’s one more touchdown pass than these quarterbacks: Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, RGIII, Colin Kaepernick, Carson Palmer, Christian Ponder, Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, and Chad Henne.

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