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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 3)

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Sep 15, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano walks off the field after the game against the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Heauxgue
Chiefs at Eagles: Chiefs

The Eagles aren’t flying so high right now. They are looking a little more vulnerable after the Chargers were able to match up with their fast-paced offense. This is an emotional game for the rising Chiefs with Andy Reid’s return to Lincoln Field. I think the Chiefs rise up again and show up Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s offense again.

Texans at Ravens: Texans

Browns at Vikings: Vikings

It feels as if the floor has dropped out from below the Browns. This team hasn’t given up yet, despite the clear message they gave the NFL when they traded Trent Richardson for a 1st round pick to the Colts. They want a new quarterback, trust me. The Vikings still feel like they have one, whether that is Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel, and they still have Adrian Peterson. I’m going with the more consistent running game.

Giants at Panthers: Panthers

I know I’ve been higher on the Panthers than maybe I should be. But I’m still less inclined to give a game to the Giants given their awful performances as of late. The Panthers have kept things close. I think this is the week one of those close games goes their way.

Packers at Bengals: Packers

Now THAT is the Packers team I remember. They might not have shut down RGIII but they dominated that game. The Bengals ended up winning against the Steelers with a lot less conviction. I think the Packers start some momentum going with 2 wins in a row here.

Rams at Cowboys: Cowboys

Lions at Redskins: Lions

Buccaneers at Patriots: Buccaneers

The Patriots have been getting creative in their offense and defense in order to win games. The Bucs are an undisciplined mess, and I say that without bias. I think this is the game, though, the tides start to turn and the Bucs start gelling. The Patriots’ luck runs out on this one.

Cardinals at Saints: Saints

Carson Palmer is no Kevin Kolb, Derek Anderson, John Skelton, etc. But, things aren’t pretty in Arizona and it has more to do with the offensive line than anything else. The biggest bright spot has been Tyrann Mathieu and the Cardinals defense. Mathieu, the former troubled LSU Tiger, is making plays just as he did at LSU as the Honey Badger. Despite the Cardinals defense, I am a firm believer in Drew Brees and his receivers. If they finally get the ground game going, and continue their impressive defensive outings, this game will belong to the Saints.

Chargers at Titans: Chargers

Falcons at Dolphins: Dolphins

The Falcons are supposed to be the cream of the NFC. The Saints beat them close and the Rams fought hard in a Falcons win. Now, without Steven Jackson, Brad Ewing, Sean Witherspoon, and Kroy Biermann, the Falcons now have some serious questions in the running game and on the pass rush. I feel the Dolphins, already doing well through two games, getting an upset by protecting Ryan Tannehil better and give him a chance to stay upright for the win.

Bills at Jets: Bills

Colts at 49ers: 49ers

Jaguars at Seahawks: Seahawks

Bears at Steelers: Bears

The Steelers continue to show serious issues on offense. Their defense is still serviceable but is also starting to show age. The Bears are not perfect but play great defense and seem to get the points they need to win games. While I give this a thumbs up for the Bears, this tentatively could be the week the Steelers put their offensive problems behind them and step up against a quality opponent. Even if they don’t win, this might be a good week for the Steelers.

Raiders at Broncos: Broncos