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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 3)

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Sep 15, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; St. Louis Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin (11) scores a touchdown in the second half against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons won 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Hispandrix
KC@PHI: Andy Reid makes his return home to Philly, and hopefully he receives some type of acknowledgement from the Eagles crowd for his contributions. The Eagles lost in heartbreaking fashion last week against the Chargers, after leading in the 4th quarter. The Eagles have shown that they are no joke when it comes to offense under Chip Kelly, and suddenly Lesean McCoy & Desean Jackson are all over your fantasy radars. The Chiefs started 1-0, and after playing Jacksonvile, it was really tough to say much about them, but then they beat Dallas at home, and limiting their offensive production. Alex Smith has been playing well. For once, we have a really entertaining Thursday Night Matchup. It’s a toss-up on this one, but Hey, Kool-Aid! Chiefs.

GB@CIN: For the 3rd straight week, the Packer fans get to listen to Joe Buck & Troy Aikman (I can hear your excitement). Both 1-1 clubs had games they could have won in Week 1, and responded back in a big way in Week 2. Aaron Rodgers against Andy Dalton, sounds like a good matchup. I think at the end of the day, the Packers have a better edge with their offense. It should be a very good game to watch, but I’ll take the ‘Cheese Heads’ on the road.

STL@DAL: Just when Cowboys fans think they are going to the Super Bowl after winning Week 1 against the Giants, and racking up all those turnovers, they go on the road and lose to the Chiefs. The Rams were so close to battling back last week against the Falcons. It almost seems like a theme for them so far (because they fought back to win in Week 1). Call this my upset pick of the week, but I’m going to take the Rams.

SD@TEN: Here’s a quiet sleeper of a matchup. It’s the 1-1 teams that got surprising wins in the first couple weeks of the season. The Titans are interesting because of their defense, and Eddie Royal has come out of no where to be the Chargers offense. I can see all sorts of Philip River faces this week, I’ll take the Titans.

CLE@MIN: Brandon Weeden versus Christian Ponder sounds about as exciting as watching turtles race. The fact that the Browns just forfeited their entire season made a move that sent Trent Richardson to the Colts says it all. There’s really not much to make of this, Adrian Peterson should have a monster day, and hopefully the Vikings don’t have to rely on Christian Ponder throwing the ball.

TB@NE: I hope the constant yelling from Tom Brady has made it through to Aaron Dobson & Kenbrell Thompkins. If the Bucs want to have some type of success here, just stop Welker 3.0 Julian Edelman. Maybe Brady will throw to himself somehow. I doubt the Bucs can cheap shot their way to a win here. Hell, I’m just eager to see if they can stay under 10 penalties for the game. Pats should win, but probably won’t be in any type of impressive fashion.

ARI@NO: As always, check the Keys to the Game

DET@WSH: The Redskins are in all sorts of trouble, let’s just start there. If there’s ever a week they need to win, it’s here. RGIII has already been subject to debates of if a QB change is needed (welcome to being a quarterback in Washington, now you know how New York is). It wouldn’t be so bad a problem if Jim Haslett’s defense were playing. They’ve surrendered 71 points through 2 games, and have allowed 511.5 yards/game (1,023 for you math junkies). The Redskins only real hope is Reggie Bush doesn’t play (although signs are that he is fine), but they would still have to account for Megatron. I’ll take the Lions.

NYG@CAR: It’s the battle of the winless teams. Just when you think Eli Manning may show up, he throws a plethora of interceptions. The Panthers were defeated in the final few seconds last week at the Bills, and on the injury front, they lost Charles Godfrey for the season. It’s looking gloomy in Charlotte, and I’ll side with the Giants. Eli should put the right amount of numbers on the touchdown side this week.

HOU@BAL: The thought of not having Ray Rice is fairly terrifying if you are a Ravens fan. Baltimore has struggled in the first two, and after only beating the Browns by a touchdown last week (why did you miss your child’s birth again Joe Flacco?), it certainly isn’t encouraging for the defending Super Bowl Champs. Houston has been unimpressive in the first couple of weeks, but still own a 2-0 record after the first two weeks. The Texans did get banged up some last week, but the emergence of Deandre Hopkins helped put things at ease for the Texans. Did you know the Texans are winless in M&T Stadium? They’re meeting for the 8th time in history, and the Ravens are 7-1 against the Texans. If Ray Rice plays, I’m going with the Ravens, if not, I’ll take the Texans.

ATL@MIA: Yikes. Atlanta is dropping like flies. All of the veterans are starting to get hurt, and it’s never a good sign. Miami went into Indy last week, and let’s face it, they pulled off the upset. Given the injuries, and the play of the Dolphins, looks like it may be a fairly long day for Matt Ryan. Let’s take 3-0 Dolphins for the win.

BUF@NYJ: Can we just boycott Jets games? Geno vs. EJ is the headline you’ll see (or have already seen) a million times this week. EJ Manuel is the better choice here, and he’s progressing better than the Bills probably expected. Who cares if it’s in New York? It should be a decent head to head matchup, but I believe the Bills will walk out winners.

IND@SF: I seriously want to pick the Colts for an upset win, but I believe the 49ers will actually show/remind some people that the team that took the field against the Seahawks was erroneous. The Colts have a very tough task at hand, and even with the addition of Trent Richardson, this spells a little bit of problem for Andrew Luck and company. If they learned anything from last week, Colin Kaepernick can be stopped.

JAC@SEA: If you saw what San Francisco’s offense couldn’t do against Seattle in the presence of the 12th Man, what makes you think Jacksonville would even come close to even an accidental score? This team may be gone after this season.

CHI@PIT: Pittsburgh is in turmoil. Chicago is proving early that they may make a case to be the best in the NFC North, at the very least. It has the classic makings of a trap game for Jay Cutler, but even if this game is at home for the Steelers, the Bears should walk away with a win. They have more talent on offense, and are much better on defense. This could be a long year for the Steelers, as they will go to 0-3.

OAK@DEN: No Ryan Clady would mean anything to just about any other team than Oakland. The Broncos are just too tough, and while this is a divisional clash (#108 in Matchup History), the Raiders really don’t have a lot to display to stop Peyton Manning & company.