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New Orleans Saints Tickets Some of Cheapest in NFL


October 7, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints fans hold up a large cutout head of suspended head coach Sean Payton during their game against the San Diego Chargers at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints tickets are not difficult to come by.

The Saints are infamous for having one of the best home-field advantages in the NFL thanks to one of the best fanbases the sport has to offer. Saints fans have been rewarded accordingly, as Saints tickets are some of the cheapest in the NFL.

Here is the full list of average NFL ticket price by team per, with the Saints clearly well below the league average.

New  England           $117.84
N.Y.  Giants              $111.69
N.Y.  Jets                 $110.28
Dallas                      $110.20
Chicago                   $103.60
Baltimore                 $100.19
Washington               $94.80
Philadelphia               $93.01
Houston                    $88.98
Indianapolis               $86.32
San  Diego                $84.55
Denver                      $84.27
Atlanta                      $83.71
San  Francisco          $83.54
Green  Bay                $82.61
NFL  Average           $81.54
Pittsburgh                 $81.13
Arizona                     $79.56
Minnesota                 $78.69
New  Orleans           $74.99
St.  Louis                  $74.49
Seattle                      $71.21
Miami                       $71.14
Cincinnati                  $68.96
Jacksonville               $68.44
Detroit                       $67.60
Carolina                     $66.84
Tennessee                 $65.28
Kansas  City              $64.92
Oakland                     $64.80
Tampa  Bay               $63.59
Buffalo                       $57.75
Cleveland                   $54.20

Not a bad bargain to see a championship contender in such a large market.

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