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Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 1)

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Jan 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) against the Baltimore Ravens during the AFC divisional round playoff game at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Ian-Mitchell Dear

ATL/NO: Marquee match ups are great to start the season, but rivalry match ups are perfect to start the season! This is going to be your classic shoot-out game that will go down to the wire! Both teams are evenly matched if they try to air it out, but the Falcons have the edge in the running game. Ultimately it will come down to who can make the most adjustments to win the game. That is an advantage the Saints have clearly shown throughout the Sean Payton era.

BAL/DEN: I’m not exactly sure what the Ravens will look like this season, but I know the Bronco’s will win their division this year. I don’t buy the idea that this Bronco’s defense will be ineffective without Von Miller for six weeks. Expect them to get a little revenge and start building some momentum for a playoff run.

NE/BUF: Stevie Johnson said no one on the Patriots could stop him earlier this season. I’m not sure anyone on the Bills can help him, outside of C.J. Spiller this week. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots offense operates with so many new faces. This is a clear cut win for the Patriots.

SEA/CAR: One of the best teams in the league going up against a team that will probably finish third in the NFC South. I’m not quite sure if this is a team of veterans (Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams) or an upstart team (Luke Kuechly, Cam Newton). Alot of good things have to happen for the Panthers to win this game.

CIN/CHI: This will be close one. I like the Bengals to make some noise in this game as they have a very dangerous offense to challenge the Bears defense. I like the Bears to come out on top though on account of Forte and Marshall making some big plays to secure the win.

MIA/CLE: Are the Browns on the rise? I’m not sure. Are the Dolphins going to make noise in the AFC East. I don’t know. Both teams have some great players on each side that could swing the momentum in either team’s favor. I think Miami could make the necessary adjustments to pull away. So eenie-meenie-miney-Miami.

MIN/DET: I like AP, but I love this Detroit offense! I am expecting them to be the second or third best offense in the NFC this year. I’m on Stafford’s bandwagon this year and believe he has what it takes to lead this team to the playoffs.

OAK/IND: Nothing jumps out to me about the Oakland Raiders this year. What’s even more depressing is that if McFadden can’t play 16 games this year, he’s likely not returning next year. The Colts can only keep getting better and expect them to get off to a good start to begin the season.

KC/JAC: Kansas City wins this game. Any questions?

TB/NYJ: Tampa Bay doesn’t look like they are going to be having a good season this year. They will kick the Jets around though.

TEN/PIT: Both of these teams will have pretty average seasons. This is my upset pick for the week as I think the Titans will surprise the Steelers with the strength of their offensive line.

GB/SF: This will be a close game til the fourth quarter where the winning team will separate to win. That team is going to be the 49ers. They have the defense to stifle Air Rodg and their offensive weapons. Not sure the Pack can stifle the Niners though.

ARI/STL: The Rams are starting to look like a legitimate NFL offense. Daryl Richardson looks to be a good replacement for Steven Jackson. Tavon Austin and Alec Ogletree will be difference makers in this game as well. Cardinals have a great team too but I figure them to make some mistakes that cost them the game.

NYG/DAL: The Cowboys will shine in the big lights against the Giants in this Sunday night game. Giants have some offensive line issues that will be glaringly obvious in this game.

PHI/WAS: It’s going to take a little bit of time before the Eagles can figure out the winning formula. RG3 feels like he has alot to prove to Redskins fans after rehabbing all season. That Alfred Morris guy will have a pretty good game too.

HOU/SD: Arian Foster’s untimely demise has been greatly exaggerated. If anyone can remember three receivers that Rivers can throw to this week (off the top of your head) then you deserve a special prize. Texans will have a great day.

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